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Hội thảo giao tiếp trong môi trường đa văn hóa – “Cross- Culture Communication” Workshop (Hanoi)

💡Làm thế nào để giao tiếp tốt trong môi trường quốc tế? Câu trả lời sẽ có trong workshop “Giao tiếp liên văn hóa” – workshop về kĩ năng mềm thứ 2 của Hộ chiếu xanh đi quanh thế giới. Diễn giả: Csaba Bundik – Phó chủ tịch Hiệp hội Thương mại Trung và Bắc Âu tại Việt Nam 💡Link đăng kí: http://bit.ly/2vXf3A2 💡Đối tượng: các bạn trẻ từ 18-25 tuổi, có ý định đi du học hoặc làm việc, sinh sống ở nước ngoài. 💡Số lượng: 30 người 💡Ngôn…

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Hoạt động News Sinh viên 5 tốt Tin Đoàn - Hội 

Introduction of“5-Good Students” and “5-Good Collective” Campaign

Launched at the 9th National Conference of Vietnam Student Association (term 2013-2018), the “5 Good Student” activity has developed significantly around the country and has become the motivation for students to work harder. It is only the recognition for their efforts, but also an illustration of Vietnam students’ tradition of being hard-working, honest, enthusiastic, creative and proactive in every circumstances to meet the expectation of the country. The standards for “5 Good Student” includes Good ethics, Good study, Good physical condition, Good voluntary, Good interaction. These will help students to…

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Hỗ trợ sinh viên News Thực tập - Học bổng 

Australia – AAI One World Post-Graduate Scholarship For Developing Countries 2017

Afro Asian Institute Salzburg is offering One World Scholarship Programme for the students of developing countries. Scholarships are available for pursuing postgraduate study programme and non-degree certificate programme at private universities. The One World Scholarship Programme is a partial scholarship aimed at students from Africa, Asia and Latin America who have come to Austria on their own initiative, in order to complete their education. The One World Scholarship programme is a comprehensive programme including social events and educational services accompanying the studies, measures for (re-)integration, and maintaining contact with former scholarship…

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News Tuổi trẻ cả nước 

Call for paper and application for the 2nd International Student Science Forum 2017

Hello everyone, a warm welcome from the Organizing Committee of the 2nd International Student Science Forum (ISSF) 2017!!! We are pleased to announce that the 2nd ISSF is now open for applications! With the theme this year being “Industry 4.0 and Building Smart City”, we hope to explore the trends of the 4th Industrial Revolution and explore various Smart City initiatives from all over the world. In this year’s forum, we expect to gather 50 international and 100 local students to engage in a meaningful academic, cultural and social exchange….

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Hội nhập News 

WU Cultural Camp – Hội trại văn hóa tại Đại học Walailak, Thái Lan

Đoàn trường xin thông tin đến các bạn sinh viên về Hội trại văn hóa lần thứ nhất do trường Đại học Walailak, Thái Lan tổ chức từ ngày 25/6 đến ngày 1/7/2017 dành cho sinh viên trên toàn thế giới. Chi phí trong chương trình do Ban tổ chức đài thọ gồm ăn ở, đi lại và phí tham dự Hội trại, chi phí di chuyển hai chiều đến Thái Lan và phí bảo hiểm do cá nhân tự túc. Đối tượng tham gia: Sinh viên từ năm 2…

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News Tin Đoàn - Hội Tình nguyện - Thiện nguyện 

Kêu gọi đóng góp xây trường tại Khâu Táo, Xín Mần, Hà Giang

Dự án Chung tay một mái trường là một dự án thiện nguyện được Hội sinh viên Việt Nam tại Hà Lan phối hợp với Đoàn thanh niên – Hội sinh viên Việt Nam trường Đại học Nông Lâm – Đại học Thái Nguyên thực hiện với sự bảo trợ của Đại sứ quán Việt Nam tại Hà Lan. Mục tiêu của dự án nhằm huy động 10.000 Euro để tu bổ, chỉnh trang và mua sắm trang thiết bị phục vụ học tập và giảng dạy của thầy và…

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Hội nhập News 

2017 Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan

lobal Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan Program Date: July 3th, 2017 – July 7th, 2017 Venue: National Taiwan University (NTU) GIS Taiwan (Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan) is an international student forum instructed by National Taiwan University Office of Student Affairs, and supported by Office of International Affairs. It was established in 2009 and aimed to build the most influential forum around Asia for youths to  interact. GIS Taiwan holds the international symposium in National Taiwan University every July. During the five-day forum, professionals from different fields will participate in the comprehensive…

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International Youth Summit 2017 – Tashkent, Uzbekistan

If you are an active youth and interested in connecting with 300 passionate young people from across the world and Uzbekistan, you are invited to join us at the second International Youth Summit in Tashkent, Uzbekistan 24-26 March 2017. The event will feature highly experienced speakers across the youth-related fields that will provide an extra bridge to the discussion and will contribute to the outcomes of the event. Location: Uzbekistan Benefits International Youth Summit in Tashkent – is an open international event in the sphere of education and culture, in the…

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News Tiêu điểm Tin Đoàn - Hội Tình nguyện - Thiện nguyện 

Lend a Building Hand Project Intro

Khâu Táo primary school is located in the outskirt of the mountainous province of Ha Giang, Vietnam. The 72-year-old 4-room building still houses more than 50 pre-school and primary school children plus 7 staff including teachers. Weathered by harsh climate conditions and the course of time, it has degraded to almost an uninhabitable state. Despite the dangerous conditions, the building presumes its functions due to the dire lack of state funding. Moreover, the desire for education in this rural village is much greater than fear. Every day, the children and…

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Hội nhập News Tin Đoàn - Hội 

Cultural Night 2016: A Night To Celebrate Cultural Diversity

The event was attended by international students from Australia, Indonesia, South Korea, Laos, Philippines, Nigeria together with Vietnamese students under the Advanced Education Program. Evan Webb with Caitlyn O’Dea from Edith Cowan University Perth Australia serenaded everyone with a special song from their country. This was followed by a speech from Ms. Ly Thi Thuy Duong  to welcome everybody and she also gave a heartfelt message to the exchange students who are soon going back to their countries. After this, Eun- Sung, Park and   Hyeontae, Cho  from  Kyungpook National University…

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