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Cultural Night 2016: A Night To Celebrate Cultural Diversity

The event was attended by international students from Australia, Indonesia, South Korea, Laos, Philippines, Nigeria together with Vietnamese students under the Advanced Education Program. Evan Webb with Caitlyn O’Dea from Edith Cowan University Perth Australia serenaded everyone with a special song from their country. This was followed by a speech from Ms. Ly Thi Thuy Duong  to welcome everybody and she also gave a heartfelt message to the exchange students who are soon going back to their countries. After this, Eun- Sung, Park and   Hyeontae, Cho  from  Kyungpook National University South Korea shared some of their valuable experiences, gratitude to Vietnamese people and to all students who became a part of their remarkable journey to Vietnam. Tran Hoang Son from K47 class offered his songs to all the teachers and students present in the event that really inspired people who attended the event. Farewell speech and experiences sharing were brought by the exchange students from Indonesia specifically from Sebelas Maret University namely Nuh Nur Ruslih (Ruslih), Destara Twinka Putra (Destara), Dini Munawaroh (Dini), Lintang Chandra Dewi (Lintang),  Khusnul Isnawati (Khusnul),  Umi Munawaroh (Umi),  Lulu’il Maknun (Lulu), Putri Dela Atikah (Dela) who presented some special gifts ass well. The students from Sriwijaya University are Dina Maria Damanik (Dina) and Raini Asrivianti (Raini) who gave their warm message to every teachers and students they have engaged with.  Filipino students from K46 class namely Lea B. Buenafrancisca, Mark Vixen V. Glodo , Giniella April P. Degayo, Elaiza Charm A. Tizon, Angelika G. Aragones , Alysza Villene A. Oandasan  and Ma. Gilian B. Baet gave the audience some song and dance performances that surely entertained the crowd. Another farewell message, sharing of memorable experiences, stories and expression of gratitude was given by Caitlyn O’Dea and Evan Webb  from Edith Cowan University in Perth Australia.



This was surely one of the events at Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry that brings students together as a family not only being classmates. This will also be one of the university’s  unforgettable events in celebration of cultural diversity provided the help of  the Advanced Education Program office together with the full support and organization of students from the Philippines, Laos, Indonesia and Vietnam.

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This night was full of games with so much laughter and cheer, hopes and ambitions that someday they will cross each other’s path again in anyway. The Filipino students ended the program with a farewell song for exchange students who will go back to their countries. The masters of ceremony were Pham Viet Hung (from Vietnam) and Phimnapha Syhabouth (from Laos) who did great at hosting the cultural night.

By: Jimlea Nadezhda Aquilon Mendoza

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