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Introduction of “5-Good Students” and “5-Good Collective” Campaign

Launched at the 9th National Conference of Vietnam Student Association (term 2013-2018), the “5 Good Student” activity has developed significantly around the country and has become the motivation for students to work harder. It is only the recognition for their efforts, but also an illustration of Vietnam students’ tradition of being hard-working, honest, enthusiastic, creative and proactive in every circumstances to meet the expectation of the country. The standards for “5 Good Student” includes Good ethics, Good study, Good physical condition, Good voluntary, Good interaction. These will help students to be more responsible in practicing themselves from the moment they step into the university until the future in which they contribute to the country.

Honor the “5-Good Students” of the TUAF at 2015 – 2016 academic year

In order to have the honor of standing on stage and receiving the title, the candidates must first achieve their “5 Good Student” title at university or equivalent levels. Besides, they must be the outstanding role models with good doings, have excellent discipline scores, as well as average academic scores from at least 2.7/4.0 for bachelor degree; foreign language level from A2; highly participate in scientific research activities; be involved in at least 5 days of volunteering activities, international exchange and Marxism – Leninism  and Ho Chi Minh thoughts related activities. Note that: There are multiple level of the title (lowest from the university and highest from the central), the higher level the title you wish to receive, the better requirements are going to be fulfilled.

               Typical students who have gained excellent achievements in learning, training and other activities. The Secretary Committee of the Student Association will select the appropriate records and then suggest the best ones among those individuals and collectives for the upper level “5-Good Student” title.

TUAF is proud to become the university that has the highest number of students being awarded with the title among academic institution of Thai Nguyen University, taking the lead among universities and colleges in Thai Nguyen University’ members over the last several academic years. During the period from 2012-2016, 487 prestigious students have honored and received the “5-Good Student” title.  Especially, some other students and alumni were also awarded with the “Student Star” award for outstanding Union member with excellent achievement in studying and working.

If you wish to receive the “5-Good Student” title and “Student Star” award, please don’t hesitate to contact the Chairman of Student Association of your Faculty/Center for more information. Annually, the call for registration and records will be announced on mid-September.

Đọc bài viết giới thiệu phong trào “Sinh viên 5 tốt” bằng tiếng Việt tại đây.

Source: Office of Student Association of TUAF

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